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International Medical Tourism Group


The International Medical Tourism Group offers access to high quality surgery abroad and other types of Medical Treatments Abroad, such as, Gamma Knife Surgery, Stem Cell Treatment, as well as Dental Procedures and Cosmetic Surgeries. All of our partnership hospitals are industry leaders. All the physicians we work with are highly respected for both their expertise in medicine and their excellent care in the treatment of their patients. The combined 4,870 beds of our partner hospitals offer you comprehensive care to meet all your needs, including Executive Physical Exam, Full Body MRI, at a lower cost.

The International Medical Tourism Group, as part of your medical care team, will personally assist you from planning your trip to your felt home. Your sense of comfort and well-being is our first priority. We will make sure that you receive the best care and a pleasant trip.

Our Unique Approach

Quality- All of the hospitals in our network are renowned hospitals and have been leading in medicine, in China, for a half century. All of them have clinical and/or research partnerships with many hospitals in the US, UK, Germany and Japan. Our team have had eight years of partnership with these hospitals and doctors. We know that they are the best in their specialties.  

Commitment- We only work for you. We do not work for any hospitals or doctors. We will work with your doctors at home and your doctors abroad. We will help you with your hotel booking, financing, and travel documents. We will be with you every step of the way from the moment you get on the plane to the moment you return.

Specialized for your needs- All of our case managers are certified doctors, nurses, and/or other medical experts. All of them have worked in the US, Canada, and China. We believe that their expertise in medicine and their international understanding will make communications and coordination as clear and effective as possible.


New Pacemaker
ZHONGSHAN Hospital implants new type of pacemaker...
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Bilateral lung transplant
The nation’s first live-donor bilateral lung lobar transplant a success!
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Record Operations
20,000 cervical vertebrae operations performed.
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Robotic Surgery
China’s first robot-assisted lung cancer surgery successful!
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Double Transplant
Cancer patient receives liver and kidney double transplant...
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The IMTG Experience

Everything is taken care of, all before you leave...

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Gamma Knife Surgery

Latest technology in cancer treatment...

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